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This is the last time I'll ever do anything this pointless. … - Tseng [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 25th, 2006|03:44 pm]

This is the last time I'll ever do anything this pointless. 

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.

1) What exotic animal would gunnerchaoticlike as a pet? Don't know. Don't really care.
2) If sharpgogglesmantook over the world, who would suffer? Everyone. Trust me on that.
3) Would dreamofafaythand bushidoblader77look good together? Who?
4) If chosensacrificeand sexyonjutsuwere spliced together, what would be its name? ..........Zexionne?
5) What is notxtherum's favorite game? Something that has to do with pirating.
6) Has sublime_quixotebeen to your house/dorm? He's not coming anywhere near me. Or my residence.
7) What is thru_glass's biggest flaw? Haven't spoken to her.
8) What would xpiratetobootxthink of tiliaceus? Pleasant?
9) Could you see trabianforlifeand xhalfnotextogether? I don't even know who they are.
10) Where did you first meet dreamofafayth? I haven't met him.
11) What animal should gracefulreaperbe combined with? Something to do with flowers, probably.
12) Does trabianforlifehave a dog? I don't know.
13) Would freeshooteriiand sharpgogglesmanmake a good couple? ....................That is too disturbing for words.
14) Is tiliaceusan emo? I don't think so. She seems perfectly pleasant.
15) What mental disorder does shotgunxcrippleremind you of? Megalomania.
16) Is lunadivinerxiiintroverted or extroverted? I don't know. Ask Lockhart. She seems to know him very well.
17) What is blonderookie's favorite movie? Snakes On A Plane?
18) Is xburnbabyxfriends with chosensacrifice? Not sure.
19) Would you set up shotgunxcrippleand lunadivinerxii? That would be strange. Very strange.
20) What is sexyonjutsu's shoe size? Don't know.
21) How tall is furyofthelance? Who's that?
22) Would you make out with sexyonjutsu? No.
23) Do you think monkey_thiefis hot? No.
24) Which president would monkey_thiefbe likely to idolize? Who cares?
25) Does xburnbabyxhave a big secret? Everyone has secrets.
26) What is sexyonjutsu's favorite color? Ask him. Not me.
27) If theblindenigmawas a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Reno. Probably.
28) What is sharpgogglesman's favorite band/artist? ......Sex Pistols?
29) Does yellowseaurchinsmoke? I don't think so.
30) Are sharpgogglesmanand furyofthelancemarried? I don't think Reno's ever going to marry anyone, much less a man.
31) Would you wrestle xhalfnotexin jello? No. Never.
32) Do dreamofafaythand lunadivinerxiigo to the same school? Ask them.
33) Did dreamofafaythbreak up with you? I don't even know him.
34) Has xlflower_girlxldyed their hair? No. She hasn't.
35) What would you do if notcalledsqualldied? Nothing. Death happens.
36) Have you flirted with yellowseaurchin? That's just disturbing. No.
37) Is xlflower_girlxlrelated to freeshooterii? No.
38) Is blonderookie1337? That would be a 'no'.
39) What animal does sharpgogglesmanremind you of? One in perpetual heat.
40) What song/movie would you recommend to xburnbabyx? Snakes On A Plane, probably.
41) What word best describes xpiratetobootx? Pirate.
42) Would shotgunxcripplebe a better ninja or pirate? He seems to like being an Octopus Man. That should be an option.
43) Thoughts on shotgunxcripple? Many.
44) What do you disagree with gunnerchaoticabout? Nothing you should know about.
45) Is superior_xemnasin a relationship? Who cares?
46) What planet should impishfuzzballbe from? I don't think he even came from a planet. He's a Hellspawn.
47) Where was theblindenigmaborn? Don't know. Ask him.
48) If furyofthelancewere hanging off a cliff, what would xlflower_girlxldo? Probably help him. She's too nice that way.
49) One thing you can't stand about xlflower_girlxl? Nothing.
50) What rank would gunnerchaotichave in a giant robot army? Don't know. Don't care.
51) If ninjaguardiancommanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Her new boyfriend.
52) What video game does sharpgogglesmanremind you of? Something really insane.
53) How long would xhalfnotexdating impishfuzzballlast? That is never going to happen.
54) Is xoncemorexathletic? Ask him yourself.
55) What is xhalfnotex's favorite food? Who cares?
56) Would notaprincess01go out with furyofthelance? She's attached, isn't she?
57) How many monkeys could bushidoblader77fight at once and win against? One, probably.
58) If xoncemorexand xmakoeyesxwere siamese twins, where would they be joined? Hands?
59) Does krazyknightmaredo drugs? I don't know.
60) Is notxtherumrelated to you? No. Never. Ever.
61) What color should sublime_quixotedye their hair? A maniac by any other hair color is still a maniac
62) Does xlflower_girlxlgo to your school? No.
63) Do you have a crush on notcalledsquall? Of course not.
64) Does monkey_thiefknow superior_xemnas? Ask them.
65) Does xlflower_girlxltravel a lot? Not really.
66) What languages does furyofthelancespeak? English?
67) How would xpiratetobootxkill impishfuzzball? I don't think the blue thing can be killed.
68) What would superior_xemnasgive gracefulreaperfor his/her birthday? Ask him.
69) What comic book character would dreamofafaythbe? Someone weird.
70) Have you ever dated shotgunxcripple? Hell, no. Never.
71) Does gunnerchaotichave a crush on chosensacrifice? Who knows? She'll probably cause him less trouble than that woman.
72) How would gunnerchaoticconquer the world? Ask him. I don't care.
73) Would you ever date sexyonjutsu? No.
74) How long have you known freeshooterii? I don't know him.
75) What would you do if you found out notxtherumhas a crush on you? Kill him.
76) If xmakoeyesxhad a superpower, what would it be? Angsting
77) Are gunnerchaoticand blonderookiegoing steady? No.
78) furyofthelance's eye color? Don't know. Never met him.
79) What is xburnbabyxallergic to? Common sense, maybe. He doesn't seem to have any.
80) Do you have yellowseaurchin's screenname? Yes.
81) Is notantennaea nerd? I don't know her.
82) superior_xemnas's hair color? Silver.
83) What flavor of jello would tiliaceusbe? I don't know. Something sweet.
84) Is superior_xemnaspopular? No.
85) Is monkey_thiefsingle? Don't know.
86) What do you agree with bushidoblader77about? I haven't spoken to him at all.
87) Is tifalockhart19a high school student? I don't think so.
88) What would notcalledsqualldo differently in your shoes? Do what?
89) Which of your friends should superior_xemnasgo out with? None. Ever. I don't appreciate getting stuck with the fool for long.
90) If tiliaceusand dreamofafaythwere spliced together, what would it be like? They're going out, right? Probably a couple.
91) Is impishfuzzballa college student? Of course not. I don't think he can even write.
92) Where would sharpgogglesmanmost like to visit? A brothel.
93) One quality you find attractive in xpiratetobootx? I don't find him attractive at all.
94) When did you last call dreamofafayth? Never.
95) If ninjaguardiantook over the world, who would be happy? No one. Sugar-poisoned individuals, perhaps.
96) Does bushidoblader77drink? Ask him.
97) Is xburnbabyxyour best friend? No.
98) Are superior_xemnasand chosensacrificegoing out? No.
99) Is notcalledsqualldead sexy? No.
100) Where was xpiratetobootxborn? Ask him. I don't make it a point to get to know pirates very well.

[User Picture]From: xpiratetobootx
2006-08-25 09:31 pm (UTC)
-_- I am NOT a pirate! I am a blacksmith!
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